Vanitar Co. established in 1999 has become a pioneer in presenting luxury construction products amongst its peers.

Vanitar carefully handpicks and curates fine collections of hard/soft flooring, outdoor wood, home accessories, furniture and lighting. Vanitar exclusively selects from the largest, greatest and internationally recognized brands in the world.

The company has long succeeded in evoking feelings of perfection and flawless finishing.

Vanitar’s diverse products and design choices have gained its clients’ trust in creating their desirable home or office. Modern beauty and sophistication have always shaped Vanitar’s values and have guided this company to always aim at distinctive quality and service.

In recent years, Vanitar has been developed as a holding company. Along side constuction, Vanitar has become active in the field of motorcycles—presenting many top-rating brands in the world. Vanitar plans to continue its development process by entering the fields of food and sports in the near future.