Brand Story

Fontini and Font Barcelona are two separate but related brands that have a shared history in the luxury lighting and electrical accessories industry. Fontini was founded in 1960 in Barcelona, Spain, by Josep Fontini, with a focus on producing high-quality electrical switches and sockets. The company quickly gained a reputation for its elegant designs and superior craftsmanship.

In the 1990s, Fontini expanded its product range to include luxury lighting fixtures, incorporating a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation led to collaborations with renowned designers and architects, further solidifying its position in the industry.

In 2002, Fontini merged with Font Barcelona, a brand specializing in decorative lighting and architectural hardware, to form a unified company known for its exquisite lighting solutions and designer electrical accessories. The merger allowed the brands to combine their expertise and resources to offer a comprehensive range of products for residential and commercial spaces.

Today, Fontini and Font Barcelona are recognized as leading brands in the luxury lighting and electrical accessories market, known for their timeless designs, premium materials, and commitment to craftsmanship. With a history spanning over six decades, the brands continue to uphold their legacy of excellence, providing customers with sophisticated and innovative solutions for enhancing the beauty and functionality of interior spaces.

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