About Scheucher

Brand Story

Scheucher unites the craftsman’s passion for perfection with innovative thinking and acts in harmony with nature. These aspects help to create our elegant, multi-faceted parquet flooring that delights people throughout the world – from Europe and North America to Russia and Asia. The electricity required comes from our own photovoltaic system.

In the beginning was the idea

An idea grows like a seed, striking roots and growing into a mature tree.

For many years now, Scheucher, a family-run company with a long tradition and its headquarters in heavily-forested Styria in Austria, has been producing elegant parquet flooring for people throughout the world. I have been active as a leading figure within the company for more than thirty years now and with my team and my dependable partners am in a position to look back at the success it has achieved. At the same time, it is also clear that a very promising and auspicious future lies ahead.

Every idea needs the right place to grow

Finding the right location requires a forward-thinking spirit.

Over the past 100 years, the company that was set up as a sawmill in 1920 has matured and developed into a global company. From that time until today, the history of our company has been a very eventful one and one that has been marked by continuous growth and a great many successful ideas.

Today, Scheucher creates multi-faceted parquet flooring for every taste and for all requirements of modern construction processes, ensuring the best possible use of resources and using absolutely environmentally friendly methods.

Active with wood from a very early age As Karl Scheucher himself recalls, “I was always milling about in the workshop,even as a small boy – I grew up with the aroma of wood in my nostrils and fell in love with wood from a very early age.” In the 1970s and 1980s, the company continued its expansion under the leadership of Karl Scheucher senior, and in 1985, under the leadership of Karl Scheucher himself, commenced the production of solid wood panels. The production of multi-layered parquet flooring then followed from 1996 onwards.

On which Scheucher is still growing today

Scheucher specializes in the production of fine parquet flooring creations, and it‘s products are in worldwide demand: High-quality wooden floors personify the cultivated flair of international hotel projects. They beautify elegant suites and lofts, restaurants and bars. And they give business and congress architecture an exquisite atmosphere.

The brand Scheucher is a promise of quality and, despite the increasing internationalization in the customer structure, characterized by an unbroken loyalty to its prodction site in Austria: From our product development to production and sales, all steps of the value chain are implemented in our hometown Mettersdorf, in the forested Styria. 250 employees, mainly from the region, are the specialists for precision and quality behind a sophisticated machine park in one of the most modern prefabricated parquet manufactories in Europe and constantly ensure the highest quality products.

In a world without borders, innumerable projects await their realization. New living spaces strive for solid foundations. Fundamentally natural. Scheucher parquet flooring.

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