Brand Story

In the early years, the Weiss company specialised in the export timber trade. Purchasing took place in all of Austria and sales were made mainly to Italy. In the meantime, further sales locations have been opened in Flachau, Tamsweg, Zell am See and St. Valentin. In addition to the timber trade, the company also operates on several successful pillars. The key areas industry, export, speciality markets, wholesale customers, natural wood floors as well as the premium floor series Signature reflect the expertise in all things wood.

In 1983, the company began to industrially manufacture wood products. With increasing product expansion and brand launches, Weiss has been calling attention to itself nationally and internationally ever since. With a large team of sales partners, we work not only the Austrian and European market, but our success is global.


Wood is one of nature’s most valuable raw materials.

Special Awareness for valuable habitation

Habitation to us means bringing ecology and style into perfect balance. What is important to me, how do I want my home to be? Questions such as this are becoming increasingly relevant. Habitation with aspiration goes hand-in-hand with the responsibility to look after nature and preserve it for coming generations.

Living spaces are an expression of our individual approach to life and our own aspirations – also with regard to how we treat the environment. The need to be responsible when using natural resources in our own life, as well, can be seen in the growing interest in sustainably produced products in all sectors. Sustainability and product appeal are no longer a contradiction.

In addition to leadership in terms of design and technology, innovative products increasingly stand out by being ecologically compatible and treating nature with respect.

Our passion for wood

When processing and trading one of the most valuable raw materials, our passion for wood as a material is expressed.

Wood industry

Motivated staff with excellent training and state-of-the-art machines manufacture perfect products for our customers. Flexibility and speed are the hallmarks of the production processes at Weiss and allow quick and precise implementation of the customer requirements. The combination of wood and technology gives rise to unique products of extraordinary variety.

Timber wholesale

With a motivated team, Weiss works the Austrian and international market. Our product variety and best service reflect our expertise as a long-term partner in the domestic and international business. We guarantee our customers an optimal selection of dimensions as well as fast delivery of the goods.

Wood specialty store

Service and quality have made our company the leading supplier. The immediate vicinity to the customer is optimally guaranteed by the four locations we can now provide (Flachau, Zell am See, Tamsweg und St. Valentin). Be it wood construction, carpenter, cabinetmaker, home-builder or home improver – at Weiss, customers will find top quality, excellent service and an optimal product range.

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