Designed by Oriol Guimerà.

Nature as an emotional link The Mediterranean is synonymous with quality of life, nature and sea. It has generated a way of life that is admired and envied in equal parts, which is a source of inspiration all over the world. The beauty of the Balearic Islands is transmitted in a defined aesthetic, without ostentation, where the simple meets the natural and tradition drives creativity. Inspired by these, it is a tribute to the beauty of its landscapes and elements: the sea and its effect on the metal, the aging of this with the passing of time, and the light, whites that define the Mediterranean essence. Balearic Collection is undoubtedly the result of innovation based on its timeless beauty, the well-being of its inhabitants and its environment. The new finishes of the Balearic collection provide new tones and textures, thus complementing the 5.1 Collection and Bridge Collection options.

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